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Coach McCabe, I was searching my emails today and found your feedback request from this summer. I apologize on the late reply, but it has allowed me some time to observe his skills after the academy. The instruction JD was given at the camp has done wonders for him on his shooting and feeding skills. He always was a decent feeder, but his new understanding of timing on the feeds has caused his assist success to increase dramatically. Less interceptions of the ball, and it arrives on time for a quick shot. On his shooting, he typically lacked knowing when to execute the shot. His technique was also bad, which caused him to have a slow shot. Towards the end of the academy the coaches ran a radar gun for the kids. In those few days he was able to get his shot speed up to the 2nd fastest there due to your corrections in his form. He didn’t get any stronger in that short time, it was all about the technique being taught. This has translated very well on the game field.

This fall and winter he has averaged 3 goals per game, with a game high of 6. Previously he would average around 1 goal per 3 games. He did not have the confidence in his shot before, and would rather pass the ball on than execute. This caused him to not make club teams, and he ended up on a practice squad last year to see if he would mature. They thought he had potential, but requested that we get his shooting skills up to par. That was when I started searching for shooting classes and found your academy. He just had tryouts in December for the same club teams and made the select team in the first round of tryouts. One thing that I have seen at your academy that is not done at other classes and clinics is the up close shooting. Your academy taught him to shoot with his hands as they were when he caught the ball. This allows a quick shot up close to the goal when fed there. This unique skill has been very helpful and I have not seen it taught anywhere else.

The Monday to Wednesday option with overnight Sunday works well for us. He will be playing in the Summer Sizzle tournament that weekend in Baltimore. We can make the short trip down to Lexington afterwards and get some rest time in before the academy starts on Monday.

We look forward to seeing you again this year, we should have some people coming that had inquired about what JD did to get so much better with his shooting.

Thanks, Jesse Guilbault

Thank you for conducting what our son Jay referred to as “the best camp he’s ever attended”. The focus on shooting rather than the usual scrimmage based camps is what was most attractive to Jay.
He learned quite a bit and the one on one coaching was probably the best part. He was able to get instruction and then immediately go and practice the skill. Anything you can do to allow for more, small group coaching and increased repetitions during drills would just further improve skills. Jay has already said he would like to attend the camp next year.

Thank you for the effort and professionalism of the staff as well.

Hi Coach McCabe,
Colton really enjoyed the camp and learned a lot. I saw a difference in his play this weekend at the tournament. I thought the Monday through Wednesday worked well, Colton wanted to stay longer! This was the first position specific camp Colton has attended and he seemed to learn a lot. I over heard him several times on and off the field talking about the camp. He enjoyed the atmosphere of Washington and Lee and can not wait to come back next year. Thank you,

Katie Wynne

Coach McCabe - I would just like to write to say how impressed I was with the way you ran your camp this summer. It was well organized, and the activities were well thought out and had purpose. I liked the way enthusiasm was encouraged and modeled from the top down. The fact that you participated in teaching the drills and personally gave extra sessions such as the face off clinic demonstrated your passion and enthusiasm for the game and for working with young people, as well as gave the impression that camp was NOT just another vehicle to supplement a coaching salary, as many other camps have felt to me in the past. I felt our kids got every bit of "their money's worth" at your camp. We will certainly encourage more of our kids to come next year….

Barron Russell, 
Assistant Athletic Director/Soccer/Lacrosse - Cape Fear Academy (Wilmington, N.C.)

I want to thank you and the W &L lacrosse team again for hosting the skills clinic Sunday. Our kids had a terrific time and they all learned new skills. I think I told you that my son, who has been playing midfield or attack for 4 years and been to several camps and clinics, told me he learned how to shoot Sunday. One of your guys (I don’t know which one) corrected the way he holds his stick in his throwing motion, and my son said he could see the improvement immediately. This really impressed my kids and they all commented on how “cool” your guys are. They were totally impressed, and so was I. 

Butler High Lacrosse Parent
Matthews, N.C.

Dear Coach, I wanted to take a minute to say Thank you for offering the lacrosse camp at WLU. My son, attended your camp. He had a wonderful experience, and came home more excited about the sport. I did not think his love for the game could be any stronger, but I was proven wrong. Please also thank your staff for taking time from their busy schedules to offer their expertise. (He) is already talking about using the new skills he learned in his next season. I know that he will be ready to return next year. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Sincerely, Mrs. Pankowski

Coach McCabe, just wanted to thank you for making summer camp enjoyable and affordable for our players to come this year. My son had a great time and learned a lot. I have already watched him apply what he has learned in our own summer league. By the way he said the food was great too. 

Thank you again.

Coach, I just wanted to let you know how much (my son) enjoyed the lacrosse camp at W&L. Honestly, he had a fantastic time, which made me very happy for him. The other thing I wanted to let you know - and to remind you guys - is that the young boys probably take to heart the things you say much more than you realize. You may hardly remember Talmadge, but in his mind, he was one of your favorites. He felt extremely well liked by the staff and seemed very confident in the end. To me, that's a real perk to the camp. Yes, he'd like to get better, but to have fun at the camp and feel well received by the staff was a much better result for me. Talmadge is a much different player/person than his brother (Brittigan). Talmadge probably won't play in college. He may not even see much time on the field in high school. So, I really love it when Talmadge can have his own time.
Oh, and for what it's worth, (my son) thought the rising freshman W&L player was extremely nice and personable. He was really impressed to have him helping out - maybe because he's more "like them." It seemed exciting to (him) to have one of his own, so to speak, out there with the young kids. I'm sure it was a "that's what I wanna be" kind of deal. Anyway, kudos to the freshman!

Thanks for everything – Macy

Gene, I just wanted to let you know how much Walker enjoyed your camp. He has been to a number of camps over the years and he said that this camp, by far, is the best camp he has ever attended. He feels his shooting skill has increased by an order of magnitude, thanks to the personalized coaching he received. And scoring on a college-level goalie now marks the pinnacle of his lacrosse career. As a parent and coach, please accept my thanks, as well as compliments, for running such a well-organized and beneficial camp. We will definitely see you at camp next year. 

Best Regards, Charles Haywood

Eugene and Kristen, thank you very much for hosting the LAX camp. (Or son) did have a good time and chatted on the ride home about all that he learned and all the things he enjoyed (including the camp store!)
Our son is one of only four 9 -year olds to make the Arlington Youth Lacrosse League's "A" U-11 team. The "A" team is reserved for our best players. I am very proud of him; more importantly, he is proud of himself. I want to thank you because of what he learned at last summer's camp. Although he had played two seasons of U-9 lacrosse by last summer;s camp, it was there that he really began to learn the game. By this, I mean the concept of not just chasing the ball but learning about the importance of positioning on the field. The camp was a break-out experience for him, one on which he has continued to build. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, too.

Mark Bradley
Arlington, VA

“Our kids have have attended many camps and we have never experienced the professionalism, care and attention to detail that you provided. Your passion for what you do is evident. I appreciate the example you set for the kids and the message you provide as well. Gray has been speaking about the value and honor system that is in place at camp and how much he appreciated the coaches. He really had a wonderful experience and already wants to attend next year.”