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Date Posted: 12/5/2017

Here is one of our latest testimonials:

Coach McCabe, I was searching my emails today and found your feedback request from this summer. I apologize on the late reply, but it has allowed me some time to observe his skills after the academy. The instruction JD was given at the camp has done wonders for him on his shooting and feeding skills. He always was a decent feeder, but his new understanding of timing on the feeds has caused his assist success to increase dramatically. Less interceptions of the ball, and it arrives on time for a quick shot. On his shooting, he typically lacked knowing when to execute the shot. His technique was also bad, which caused him to have a slow shot. Towards the end of the academy the coaches ran a radar gun for the kids. In those few days he was able to get his shot speed up to the 2nd fastest there due to your corrections in his form. He didn’t get any stronger in that short time, it was all about the technique being taught. This has translated very well on the game field.

This fall and winter he has averaged 3 goals per game, with a game high of 6. Previously he would average around 1 goal per 3 games. He did not have the confidence in his shot before, and would rather pass the ball on than execute. This caused him to not make club teams, and he ended up on a practice squad last year to see if he would mature. They thought he had potential, but requested that we get his shooting skills up to par. That was when I started searching for shooting classes and found your academy. He just had tryouts in December for the same club teams and made the select team in the first round of tryouts. One thing that I have seen at your academy that is not done at other classes and clinics is the up close shooting. Your academy taught him to shoot with his hands as they were when he caught the ball. This allows a quick shot up close to the goal when fed there. This unique skill has been very helpful and I have not seen it taught anywhere else.

The Monday to Wednesday option with overnight Sunday works well for us. He will be playing in the Summer Sizzle tournament that weekend in Baltimore. We can make the short trip down to Lexington afterwards and get some rest time in before the academy starts on Monday.

We look forward to seeing you again this year, we should have some people coming that had inquired about what JD did to get so much better with his shooting.

Thanks, Jesse Guilbault

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